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The "100 Scripts" section is intended as a library for educational and study purposes only.

Exercise For the first time in the cinematic space of three Persian-speaking countries, a number of 50 screenplays in English (complete and uncensored) are available. Some of these screenplays include the best works of world cinema, whose films have provoked serious controversy or received the award for best screenplay. In the Persian screenplays section, works by independent filmmakers from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan are also available for purely educational and technical study. A number of screenplays translated into Persian are also included in this section.

List of screenplays in English


1. Stanley Kubrick's "Shine" 1980

2. "Blindfolded" Stanley Kubrick, Frederick Raphael 1999

3. "Joker" Todd Phillips, Scott Silver 2019

4. White Ribbon "by Michael Hanke 2009

5. "Love" by Michael Hanke 2012

6. "Eight and a Half" by Federico Fellini 1963

7. "The Lost Highway" by David Lynch 1997

8. "From the depths of the wild heart" by David Lynch 1990

9. "Malleland Road" by David Lynch 2001

10. "Fahrenheit 451" by François Truffaut, based on a 1966 novel by Red Bradbury

11. Annie Hall Woody Allen. Academy Award for Best Non-Adapted Screenplay 1977

12. "Hannah and Her Sisters" by Woody Allen, 1989 Academy Award for Best Screenplay

13. "Babel" by Alejandro Gonzalez 2006

14. "The Seven Samurai" by Akira Kurosawa 1954

15. "Chaos" by Akira Kurosawa. Based on the tragedy "King Lear" by Shakespeare 1985

16. "Rosemary Child" by Roman Polanski 1968

17. "The Pianist" Screenwriter, Ronald Harwood, Director, Roman Polanski 2002

18. "Stranger Than Heaven" by Jim Jarmusch 1984

19. "Only Lovers Survive" Jim Jarmusch 2013

20. "Parasite" Bong Joon Ho, Han Jin Won 2019

21. "Capernaum" Nadine Labaki 2018

22. "Father" Florian Zeller 2020

23. "La La Land" by Damien Chassell 2016

24. "Lady Bird" Greta Gerwig 2017

25. "Little Women" by Greta Gerwig 2019

26. "1917" Sam Minds 2019

27. Oliverston "Squad" 1986

28. "Wall Street" Oliver Stone 1987

29. "Instinct Killers" by Oliverstone 1994

30. "Apartment" Billy Wilder 1960

31. "Dr. Strangelove" Stanley Kubrick 1964

32. "All-Metal Sheath" by Stanley Kubrick 1987

33. "Paris - Texas" Wim Wenders 1984

34. "Cinema Paradiso" Giuseppe Tornatore 1988

35. "The Association of Dead Poets" by Tom Schulman. Directed by Peter Weir 1989

36. "Truman Show" by Andrew Nicole. Directed by Peter Weir 1998

37. "Gandhi" John Berley. Oscar for Best Screenplay. Made by Richard Attenborough 1982

38. "Roma" Alfonso Cuarونn 2018

39. The "Story" of Michelangelo Antonioni 1960

40. "Dizziness" screenwriter, Alice Capel. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock 1958

41. "Psychological" screenwriter, Joseph Stefano. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock 1960

42. "Birds" by Ivan Hunter. Based on a story by Daphne Dumourier. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock 1963

43. Bob Peterson "Top" animation 2009

44. "Red Turtle" animation by Pascal Fran 2016

45. Pete Doctor 2020 "Spirit" animation

46. "Between words / lost in translation" Sophia Coppola. Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay 2003

47. "Crazy Jumped Out of the Cage" Screenwriter Lawrence Havin. Directed by Milos Forman. 1975

48. "Bonnie and Clyde" screenwriter, David Newman. Directed by Arthur Penn 1967

49. "Twelve Years of Slavery" Screenwriter John Ridley. Directed by Steve McQueen 2013

50. "Tree of Life" by Terence Malik 2011


List of screenplays translated into Persian

51. Two screenplays, "Shame" and "Winter Night Smiles" by Ingmar Bergman

52. "Autumn Sonata" by Ingmar Bergman

53. Three screenplays: "The Destroying Angel", "Nazarin", "Simon the Desert" by Louis Buوol

54. "Red Desert" by Michelangelo Antonioni

55. "Incident" by Michelangelo Antonioni


List of Persian scripts

56. "Cow" Gholam Hossein Saedi

57. "Four Boxes" by Bahram Beizai

58. "Samur Night" by Bahram Beizai

59. "Ayarnameh" by Bahram Beizai

60. "Passengers" by Bahram Beizai

61. "Gabbeh" by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

62. "The turn of love" by Mohsen Makhmalbaf



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One Hundred Scripts in English and Persian

Scriptwriting Dictionary

This section describes the meanings and analysis of a number of words related to screenwriting techniques that are prevalent in the work and art of screenplay writing and the global film industry today.

Screenwriting research

This section publishes research articles related to scripting and translating new content.

Screenplay Criticism

Film critique is not very common in Afghanistan, Iran or Tajikistan. The Atelier Mashq-e-Film aspires to enhance the practice of constructive criticism and professional critique of films and their creators. Mashq-e-Film encourages all participants to acquire and apply a critical framework to scriptwriting and filmmaking.  

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