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The authors of the scripts that are developed and completed in the Atelier shall name Mashq-e-Film as a script consultant in the written version of the script.


Mashq-e-Film considers that the scriptwriter is responsible for the originality, adaptation of the plot, as well as for the content of the script.


Mashq-e-Film introduces the registered scripts to film production companies, film foundations/centres, and film industry development at international film festivals.  Mashq-e-Film would only introduce registered scripts with the consent of their authors.

Conditions for registering a completed script


If the scripts that have been finalized in the Atelier go into production, the director and producer are obliged to name Mashq-e-Film as a script consultant in the film credits.


Mashq-e-Film works with the writers and directors on the basis of mutual trust and understanding.


Mashq-e-Film registers only those scripts that are not previously transferred or sold to individuals or legal entities.


This will serve as an important reference point for producers, international film industry and film production companies around the world.


The Mashq-e-Film website has a special section called "Script Box”, where developed and completed scripts from each training course will be registered in Persian and English.

Conditions for production-ready scenarios

Mashqe film Conditions for production-ready scenarios


Atelier will have no role in how the two parties (writer or filmmaker and producer) agree financially.


The owner of the work and the filmmaker can also make a personal search and effort to attract the producer or film production centers. The studio must be notified if the final script is selected for film production.


If the script is selected by the producer or cinema centers for film production, a direct relationship will be established between the author and the filmmaker with the producer or film production centers.


Screenplays developed and recorded in rehearsals to be selected and purchased later by producers and film companies, Atelier receives five percent of the total material value of the screenplay from the producer and writer, to help with training costs. .


Screenplays that have already been written and have a producer or producer but need professional work will be reviewed by the studio and accepted for technical development.

Online form for screenplay
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Script Copyright Form

Script ‌Box

Upload these items to a PDF file:

  • Script 

  • Writer / filmmaker goal of the plot (on one page)

  • The amount of author research on the subject (on one page)

  • Which works influenced the author's inspiration for writing this work? Inspired by movies, short stories and novels, plays, music, paintings or photos (on one page)

  • Summary of professional biography of writer / filmmaker (on one page)

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