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Introduction to Mashq-e-Film

Mashq-e-Film is an independent, non-governmental, educational scriptwriting Atelier.

The main objective of the Atelier is to help and support independent Afghan, Iranian and Tajik filmmakers in and outside their native countries.


Training program


The Mashq-e-Film curriculum include classes in feature and documentary films.

Project submission deadline is: March 31, 2023

Project selection announcement: April 30, 2023

Start of training sessions: June 1, 2023

End of courses and completion of scenarios: January 31, 2024


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About us

Storytelling Room is a place where the words of a story are translated into a visual narrative, transmuting vocabulary into the language of cinema.

Tell the story in one minute; explain the logline of the story in five lines. That is just a good basic starting point.

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Script Box

The Script Box where developed and completed scripts from each training course will be registered in Persian and English. This will serve as an important reference point for producers, international film industry and film production companies around the world.


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Online registration

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Enroll in classes


Register designs


Record scripts


On-line Library

  • One Hundred Scripts in English and Persian

  • One Hundred Films

  • One Hundred Books

  • Scriptwriting Dictionary & Scriptwriting Research


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