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Storytelling room

Tell a story!

The storytelling room is a place to tell stories. Abstract of a story in five lines. Tell a story in a minute. The storytelling room is a place for professional story processing in the language of cinema.

Registration of applications

  •  Screenwriters and directors can submit and register an application, synopsis or short description of their idea for feature, documentary and animation projects in this section.

  •  Mashq-e-Film’s selection committee will review the applications, and will notify the successful applicants.  

  • Accepted projects will be turned into a complete and professional script during the six month program with the help of its writers.

  • Each candidate is allowed to submit only one idea for developing it into a scenario.

  • Participants can only submit their scripts/ideas online by registering on Mashq-e-Film website.

  • Each project will be assigned a registration number, which will be sent to the author's email address.

Online form for submitting a script/idea:

Adapted or original idea

مشکلی در فرم شما است. لطفا مجددا خانه پری کنید.

فرم شما موفقانه ارسال شد.

Ideas Regestration Form

Email us the following:

1. Synopsis of the film (maximum one page)                                                               

2. Statement of the author/director about the plot (maximum one page).

3. The volume of the author’s research on the topic (maximum one page).

4. What works inspired the author to write the work?

Have you been inspired by films, stories, novels, plays, music, paintings or photographs? (maximum one page)

5. Brief summary of the professional biography of the author/director (maximum one page).

You can send all required attachments in one clearly labeled folder by email.

Word or PDF format is acceptable.

Educational section email:

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